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Monday, 8 April 2013

Author interview with Frank F Fiore (revisited)

Back in February 2013, I interviewed author Frank F Fiore for my interview-only WordPress blog. I hope you enjoy it...
Welcome to my blog interviews with novelists, poets, short story authors, scriptwriters, biographers, agents, publishers and more. Today’s is with thriller / action adventure novelist Frank F Fiore. A list of interviewees (blogged and scheduled) can be found here. If you like what you read, please do go and investigate further.
Morgen: Hello, Frank. Please tell us something about yourself, where you’re based, and how you came to be a writer.
FrankFrank: Though most of my life I’ve been an entrepreneur, I’ve always enjoyed being a teacher. In fact I hold a Masters Degree in Education. This ability to help people learn translates into the kind of books I write.
I’m turning my talents to writing fiction to both entertain and to teach.  That kind of writing is called geek fiction. Geek fiction breaks the boundaries of formulaic writing. It introduces intellectual acumen and provides a thoughtful, entertaining diversion for the reader. While the genre niches I write in can be varied – thrillers, action / adventures / speculative history, short stories, and mainstream fiction – my books challenge readers and surprises them with well-paced, well-researched and compelling stories.
My readers have higher-than-average IQs or advanced educations, and are looking for intellectual challenges and extraordinary entertainment that is well-crafted fiction transcending traditional genre boundaries, providing both literary character development and an interesting plot.
Morgen: Readers should be challenged and we want to escape with books, don’t we? What genre do you generally write and have you considered other genres?
Frank: Right now I’m writing thrillers and action / adventures. But I am very eclectic in work.  For example, I’ve just completed a novel that would be considered as mainstream fiction. Not a thriller but a coming of age story.
Morgen: What have you had published to-date?
CyberKill CoverFrank: My first novel is CyberKill. It’s a techno-thriller that answers the question “How far will an artificial intelligence go for revenge?” It’s garnered 5 star ratings on Amazon.
My non-fiction books are all about learning how to market on the Internet, how to start and online business and how to shop online. I’ve sold over 50,000 copies of those types of books.
Morgen: Wow. Congratulations. Which author would you compare your writing to?
Frank: Michael Crichton. He could write in many genres – so can I.
Morgen: That’s what I love about being a writer today; we don’t have to be stuck to one genre unless we want to. I say I write ‘dark and light’ although most of my stories have bodies in them! What are you working on at the moment / next?
Frank: I’ve just finished a novel called Murran. Murran is the story of a young African-American boy named Trey coming of age in the 1980s, and his rite of passage to adulthood. Trey is a member of a ‘crew’ in Brooklyn and is enticed into helping a violent street gang. He is eventually framed for murder and flees with his high school teacher to the teacher’s Maasai village in Kenya. Trey goes through the Maasai warrior’s rite of passage, becomes a young shaman, and returns to America to confront and defeat the gang leader that framed him.
Morgen: Sound a great plot. Do you manage to write every day, or ever suffer from writer’s block?
Frank: I start ‘writing’  – and by writing I don’t mean just putting words on paper – at 8 or so in the AM after I walk the dogs. Then I write at my desk or at a nice restaurant somewhere to about 3 in the afternoon. I’m the cook in the house so after my day of writing, I go shopping for that night’s dinner. I don’t usually have the TV on or even music since I need to concentrate.
Writer’s block? Nope. Never have. I have my stories very well outlined and I have many stories to be written in the queue.
Morgen: Which answers my next question; whether you plot your stories or get an idea and run with it…
Frank: I do detailed plots of my stories before I write them.
Morgen: Do you do a lot of editing or do you find that as time goes on your writing is more fully-formed?
Frank: Lots and lots of editing. I hire story polishers for all my books. A good one is worth every penny paid to them.
Morgen: Absolutely. I provide free critique on my online writing groups (and privately). We should always have at least one second opinion. You’ve self-published, what made you self-publish?
blacksun3Frank: Though my small publisher wants to publish the Chronicles some day, I wanted to get them out now and at a special promotion price to build up my name as an author.  So I’ve published them as ebooks only for the Kindle, Nook and Apple iPad and iPhone.
Morgen: Do you have to do much research?
Frank: Tons. The information in my novels is 95% based on common knowledge and fact.
Morgen: Do you write any poetry, non-fiction or short stories?
Frank: I’m now writing a series of short stories that will eventually end up as a book entitled ‘The Oracle’.
Morgen: Have you had any rejections? If so, how do you deal with them?
Frank: Fifty, a hundred – who knows? You just have to keep on plugging.
Morgen: You do. What advice would you give aspiring writers?
Frank: Don’t write for money or fame. Write because you enjoy telling a story. If that story is good enough, the money and fame will come.
Morgen: I write to be read but it’s great getting a sale, especially when the reader contacts me later to say what they thought of it. Where can we find out about you and your writing?
Frank: Go to my author site at and my blog at
Morgen: Is there anything else you’d like to mention?
hopifinalFrank: Jeremy Nash is a noted debunker and skeptic of conspiracy theories, urban legends and myths is drawn into pursuing them.  Each Nash chronicle in the series is a thriller that sends Nash on an investigation of these myths and legends. Though he doesn’t believe in any of them, he is forced into pursuing them by threats to the lives of his family members or himself or threats to his reputation. The Chronicles is three book series that is available on the Nook, Kindle and Apple platforms. I am currently running a promotion for the books. Two of them are selling for only .99 cents and SEED, the second book is being offered as a serial of 15 parts that can be downloaded from Smashwords for free.
Like myself, readers love challenges and my stories seek to challenge their minds. The kind of stories that reflect the personal challenges that they face in their day-to-day lives.  My stories, in many ways, reflect the challenges I had in my life. The back-story, so to speak, of the novel. I hope my fiction through the characters and what they face in my stories, can open the door a little wider and cast light on how we deal with the world and face it’s challenges.
Morgen: Thank you, Frank.
I then invited Frank to include an extract of his writing…
Dee Dee Barton, an aspiring reporter intent on becoming a network TV anchorperson someday, knew a story when she smelled one. And her story was coming directly towards her in the form of a sweating and red-faced Michael Bates. His plane had arrived late, she knew, and he was now moving quickly through the airport to make up for lost time.
Working with a source from the convention, Dee Dee had gotten word of Bates’s plans for a public and perhaps groundbreaking announcement on illegal government eavesdropping. Stories like that could make careers, and so she immediately worked over her station manager for permission to surprise Bates at the airport. And, as was Dee Dee’s style, she won.
As he came around the corner, huffing and puffing, she stepped in front of him, timing her appearance perfectly. Bates gasped, tried to pull up, but his momentum carried him forward and into her. She stepped to the side and he pitched forward onto his face. Dee Dee smirked. That had worked a little too well.
Knowing she had her prey cornered in a very literal way, she reached down for the fumbling man. “Mr. Bates, can you please shed some light on what you’re announcing at your press conference tomorrow?”
Visibly agitated and trying to break away from the grip she placed on his arm, Bates said emphatically, “You know what it’s about. The notice has been out for weeks.”
Dee Dee, as she was wont to do, ignored his response and plunged forward. She loved plunging forward. “It’s rumored, though, that the press conference is related to government snooping on citizens--”
Bates looked up at her, panic on his sweating, ruddy face. “Where the hell did you hear that? That’s...that’s not true!”
“Our sources say--”
Agitated, Bates said, “No comment! Now kindly let go of my arm.”
Barton, who was freakishly strong, released her grip on his flabby arm and stepped in front of him as he tried to go around her. She said calmly, “Look, Michael. May I call you Michael?” She didn’t wait for his answer, “Our sources tell us that your announcement will shake up the IT industry. Companies are involved. The government is involved--”
“What part of ‘no comment’ didn’t you understand?” Bates barked, pushing past her and into a men’s restroom.
She turned and watched him go, frowning. So why, she mused, had he looked so scared?
And a synopsis…
frankfinalkindle[1]In a tale that reads much like INDIANA JONES meets NATIONAL TREASURE, Jeremy Nash, a noted debunker and skeptic of conspiracy theories, urban legends and myths, is drawn into the search for where the body of Christ is buried today. Proof of this shattering fact will shake religious beliefs. A letter from his long lost grandfather written in an ancient language, tells of a diary that will reveal where the body of Christ lies today. His grandfather claims the Second Coming was destroyed by the US Air Force in 1947 and Nash is forced to pursue the claim when his sister is kidnapped by a religious cult that demands the diary for her life.  From there A TASTE OF THE APOCALYPSE takes readers on an E-ticket ride from the deserts of New Mexico to the Holy Land, throughout Europe and back again!
Frank Fiore is a bestselling author with more than 50,000 copies of his non-fiction books in print. He has now turned his talents to writing fiction. Frank’s writing experience also includes guest columns on social commentary and future trends published in the Arizona Republic and the Tribune papers in the metro Phoenix area. Through his writings, he has shown an ability to explain in a simplified manner, complex issues and trends. His website is
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