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Welcome to my contact page. There are various ways to contact me, you can:
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I love to hear from anyone who writes or is interested in writing and especially wishing to take part in, or with feedback on, this blog, my WordPress writing blog or my podcast.
You can read / download some of my fiction (currently four eShorts, two free), Story A Day May anthology ($1.49 - $1.62) and The 365-day Writer's Block Workbook (also $1.49 - $1.62) here.
Thank you for visiting, and the content is updated twice-daily so do pop by regularly and if you like something that an interviewee says, or I say, please do leave a message, it means a lot. :)
Please note: I receive c. 100 emails a day so please be patient. If you've not heard for a few days I'm not ignoring you, I'm dealing with earlier emails. If you've not heard anything after two weeks you can nudge me but hopefully I'll have replied by then. Plus occasionally I have to do work that pays. :)

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